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The Lawyer's Litigation Tracker report series is the most complete litigation tool in the UK legal industry. This Q3 edition provides key insights and litigation industry trends between Q1 18 and Q3 18, as well as year-on-year analysis. 

What’s included? 

League tables: Covering the most active firms, partners, chambers and barristers in Q3 18, by number of cases and case days.

Court by court analysis: A summary of the most notable cases as well as the most active firms, barristers and chambers by court in Q3 18. This includes the Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal (Civil Division). 

An analysis of the top performing firms and chambers between Q1 18 and Q3 18, while a comparative analysis contrasts this court activity with year-on-year data to illustrate how performance has altered over a protracted period. 

Practice area focus: An analysis of the most active firms, chambers and barristers so far in 2018,  broken down by practice area. This includes public law, commercial, employment, IP and banking. 

Relationship analysis: Detailed listings of who instructed whom in the last 12 months, including which firms instructed which sets and which barristers.

Bar top 30: Ranking of the top 30 chambers in the UK based on headcount, diversity, silk percentage and pupil retainment.

A taste of this report’s insight:

Top 10 locations of non-UK commercial litigants broken down by country (Q1 – Q3 YOY comparison)

Top 10 commercial litigant sectors broken down by number of clients (Q1 – Q3 YOY comparison)

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