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Coming early April 2021.

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About the report:

Covid-19 and the great upheaval it has generated in the world of work, upcoming lease expiries and disruption that was happening prior to Covid-19 are forcing a re-evaluation of the form, quantum and qualities of the legal workplace.

The report delivers insights into emerging best practices within Workspace and Real Estate. 

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About the report

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a sign, indication, notice or warning; a call to action; an object used to transmit information.

In-depth strategic insight and benchmarking of your markets, clients and competitors. Exclusive to subscribers.

Signal was developed with leading law firms to help strengthen business development, investment and hiring strategies. As such, it’s been created with your firm in mind.


"I think it is a great idea to move towards more readily updated data. That would be very useful for us."

Business Development Manager 

"I think the new approach sounds really positive. People are increasingly interested in timely information and sometimes an annual report just doesn’t cut it. Consolidating the data into four streams seem like it’ll make things easier to digest too."

Knowledge & Information Resources Manager

Signal is our new subscription product, replacing Market Reports. It continues the innovation from The Lawyer as the market-leading provider of essential information through data-rich insight and analysis.

Signal delivers long-form reports on the topics that matter to your firm and provides a thought-provoking analysis of market trends and the data behind them, supported by interviews with leading industry figures and your clients.

Here's the Editor of The Lawyer, Catrin Griffiths, to share with you in more detail the exciting new product we're launching in April.

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